♫School House Rock: End of an Era♫



On April 28th Chamberlain High School’s Chorus held their 2017 annual School House Rock.

Their theme this year was “End of an Era” performing a total of twenty 90’s classics in honor of the so called last graduating class of 90’s kids. Instead of using instrumental soundtracks, all the songs this year where performed by a live band consisting of; Mali Waugh on bass, Alexandra Watson on drums, Noah Perez on Piano, and Bradley Kirby on Guitar. The decision to use live instruments added to the quality of the performances and allowed the students to showcase their instrumental talent.

performance’s where split between the three ensembles (Junior Varsity, Woman’s Ensemble, and Act 1) with solo’s in between. Strategically organized to allow ensembles to change clothes between songs. While on the topic of clothes, all of the outfits where coordinated to the genre and feeling of the songs. The grunge, hip hop, and elegant wardrobes made the performances even more enjoyable.

Drummer Alexandra Watson who whole also rapped in Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice says “This year’s school house was pretty awesome, it was lit.” and Audience Member Caroline Wrench seemed to agree when she shared “It was really cool, my favorite song was Ice Ice baby because it was an exciting song and my best friend Destiny [Cuevas] choreographed it.”

The show had minor disruptions, I missed beat here and there or a slip in choreography. Aaliyah Vega who was the first soloist of the night, sang Hero by Mariah Carey; overwhelmed with nerves she wasn’t able to finish her song but the audience still applauded the powerful voice they got to hear. After the show Aaliyah gives her satirical advice for future chorus students “My advice for new students would be don’t mess up your solo, don’t cry, and really do not run off the stage.” Though later in the show, Aaliyah made a strong comeback and killed her rap in Ice Ice baby.

The audience was in for a treat when The Tribe A Capella performed If I ever by Pentatonix ft. Jason Derulo. It was a good song choice that gave new members the opportunity to blend their voices together to create a powerful and full melody.

Every year School House Rock addresses the bittersweet emotions between Mr. Daniel and his parting Seniors. The chorus seniors gave a short sweet speech about how much they appreciate Mr. Daniel and presented him with flowers before continuing the show. Senior Mariana Rodriguez shares with The Chieftain “It was my first School House Rock and also my last. It was a very heartfelt experience for all of us.”

Luna Benitez another senior states “Our biggest challenge this year was probably choreography but something that would have definitely helped us would be if people practiced on their own time.” other chorus members seemed to agree. It’s a mystery how Mr.Daniel and his talented students will be able to top this School House Rock next year.


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