Taste of Culinary 2017

On March 9th 2017 Chamberlain high school’s culinary program held their annual Taste of Culinary event.

Students where broken up into eleven groups and accompanied by a chef from local restaurants to help create a dish to serve at the event. Places like Tijuana flats, The Refinery, Mimi’s cupcakes, and Outback Steakhouse help students create signature dishes or inspired dishes from their restaurant to present guests with a variety of flavors to experience all in one night.

Student Ancel Magee IV, a Junior in our culinary program, worked the Outback Steakhouse table where they served Sirloin steak, Mashed potatoes, and caser salad. He states “There are so many people here! I really hope they enjoy our food, we worked really hard for tonight.”

Chef Young who ran the fundraiser also quotes “The nights going amazing so far! This is the most [people] we’ve ever had.” Chef also recognizes “Our senior class [involved in culinary] has been outstanding, their average GPA is a 3.9 and when you pair that with their efforts tonight it makes them the total package.”

Many culinary students participating agreed that the best part of the event was getting to make new connections in the food industry [that are] willing to support the program and take an interest in the student’s endowment considering many of them plan to go into the culinary field of business and open their own restaurants someday.

“It was an exceptional event! I’m so glad I came, I hope my son continues in the program, its only his freshman year but I can tell this could be a good thing for him.” A mother proudly shares while enjoying her plate. Another satisfied guest, Chamberlain history teacher Miss.Wright disclosed “I came tonight because I teach a lot of the kids involved and decided to come support them. My favorite dish so far has been Beef O’Bradys its really good! But I haven’t tried everything yet.”

Chef Young and Chef Bartholomay both agree that incoming students should “Start early, work hard, and maintain their core class grades.” Ian Wu (Junior) has been a part of the culinary program since his freshman year and expressed to the Chieftain “I’ve loved culinary since day one, I walked in and saw all these people working hands on and it looked so professional. It’s nice to have something different to come to in the middle of the day, I’ve learned so many skills from the program that I’m able to apply in daily life.”


At the end of the event Awards were given out. The Best food Award went to The Refinery who served pickled fruits and vegetables. The Best booth Award went to Catering by the Family. The Best Team Award went to Outback Steak house. The Hospitality award went to Brenda’s French Soulfood. Lastly, The Fan Favorite award went to Keiser University.

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